Burna Boy – Smoke Some Weed

Burna Boy – Smoke Some Weed

Smoke Some Weed by Burna Boy, released in 2013. Smoke Some Weed mp3 is available on major screaming platforms. Where to stream and download Smoke Some Weed music is below.

WIth Burna boy’s album “LIFE”  set to drop very very soon , here is something new from OluwaBurna ” Smoke Some Weed” . Smoke Some Weed is one tune specially made for special people getting HIGH if you understand what i mean. 

We love the fact that Burna’s style is unique and brings in a feeling that the industry is moving forward, patiently waiting for the album to drop.

Burna Boy – Smoke Some Weed MP3 Download;

Smoke Some Weed by Burna Boy

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Smoke Some Weed Lyrics Quotation

“Smoke Some Weed” Aii aii aiiKpongbelebe gbelebe gbelebe gbo aiiKpongbelebe gbelebe gbelebe gbo aii…oh aii Say how would you like to smoke some weed…gyalSay how would you like to smoke some weed…gyalMe have some marijuana inna ma house that I would like to smoke with you…gyal..oh oh oh ohHow would you like ➨ View Full LYRICS Here

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