[Lyrics] Zinoleesky – Many Roads (ft. Ayra Starr) Lyrics


Oh, yeah

I can’t lie, you make me feel some type of way
Stay a little longer, baby, ma lole
Shey mo ma ri ę lalę Saturday?
Say, I can’t lie
You make me rich like Dangote
Check on you day and night if that’s okay
Now I feel like I need counseling
Ah, say I make her go crazy when I pull up in a white tee
She know how it go, she know my ting
Finna get you a crown ’cause you’re my queen

Many many road, oh
What we had to go through, oh
Story very long
It’s still going longer
It’s still going longer

But I no be psychic o
I no fit read your mind o, I did not know
Shey you know say I be Pisces o
Rising o, let me know, before the sun goes
Would you tell me, baby, what’s missing
E go shock you when I pull up with the next ting
You no dey see say the clock ticking
On my way and I go pull up in a Bentley
All the boys dem know
Dem dey see me, dem go follow me go
Small yansh, no breast and so
Big bag, big checks and gold
And gold

Many many road (many many road)
What we had to go through, yeah-yeah (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)
Story very long (story very long)
Still going longer
Still going longer

Ah, ah, yeah
The story very, very long
And she don’t want me telling anyone
She want to form into my song
Want me to go, oh, a nigga’s gotta run
She say, “Baby, I’m yours for to toast”
And now you dey act like a ghost
What do we do now? Everybody knows
I’m still the best guy anyhow it goes

Uh, many ways we’ve passed through
Girl, I cannot live without you
Girl, I’m sorry if I doubt you
Still going longer
Still going longer
Ahh, ohh
Going longer
Still going longer

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