[Lyrics] Yemi Alade – My Man (ft. Joé Dwèt File) Lyrics

My Man Lyrics by YEMI ALADE

Yemi Alade
Oh my man
Oh my man
My woman yeeh ah
Can you sing for me

Make I tell you about my man o
Six packs no be the thing wey make me fall for round o
I dey feel like a queen when I dey right by him side o
Any day, anytime I go be him ride or die o yeah
Make I burst your mind
You fit to give me all the salary oooh aah
Money dey, e no dey, e dey koulou my mind
your perfect, ten over ten and it’s all mine
Yes I love my man (oh my man)
You give me peace of mind (oh my man)

My woman
Different from every girl
Me I tell say you be apart you already know
I’m lucky and de keys a fi you
She’s a queen for Africa lips a machine
That’s a wife and a side chick to me
Can I stay?
Say me can’t go nowhere from her
My woman, woman woman
My woman
She gives me peace of mind
She no go waste my time
(Yes I love my woman)

Yes I love my man (oh my man)
You give me peace of mind (oh my man)

To the left ah, to the right
Make mmmh enter I go halla
Baby I go halla
Oh my sweety banana nana
I no go leave you nana, forever forever eh
Ebelebe baby, ebelebe

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