[Lyrics] P-Square – Kolo Lyrics

Excuse Me, What Track is this
Dem don Kolo
Yeah, Your P
Show me what you got Tonight Uhh!!!
P square in the House
Hit it
Éfe joni
Eferan Lati jo
Eminan Feran Lati Jo
Jo Sori Mi
Wa bami Jo
Nitori Moferan Lati Jo
Gbere Wade
Wajo Sori Mi
Ati Gbere Wade
Wa jijo mi
Wetin dey,
Wetin dey happen
Shebi, Mr P, Mr Paul, kini uhh!!!
You don see dem Psquare
Dem don Kolo ooh
Na Wetin dey happen eehh
Wetin dey [×2]
Kilo Shele
Ay oh, I go do Anything for you, Ay oh,
I go do Any That for you Ay oh
I go do Anything for you,
I go drink I go shark, I go pick up the Mood Ay oh [×2]
Ati Gbere Wade
Ara Egbo
Eyin Laye Wa, Oluwa Lofifun mi [Ay ur, What about my Sweet Mama]
Mama Oluwa Ada yinsi
Edę Pe Fun WA
Eduro Ti Wa
Ati Gbere Wade
Wajo Sori Mi
Ati Gbere Wade
Wa jijo mi Wetin dey
Na Wetin dey happen
Shebi uhh kini
REPEAT: %%%%
Uhh!!!! Can u really dance
Listen to the Jamz
Dat Peter hit it beat it out of the, Leave it
U intend to dance to the Jamz,
I can make u dance Softly like my Mama used to tell me a story
That there are two little black birds sitting on the wall
One name Peter Peter one name Paul
Fly away Peter Peter Fly away Paul,
Come back Peter Peter come back Paul Yeah Paul
Let me see u go
So I can shake ur body Coz i Wanna make it slow,
So I can make u go
So I can make u blow, so I can move ur body, shake ur body u know,
Every every every every every single day
Dat I’m needin & pray to God to protect me
To give me give me give me all dat I need
I can’t fit wait around the waist bcos u no its my day
So pray join me baby who & talk dat gist P Psquare Square square
Coz she know my baby dat i promise I’ll be there there
My body whose body ur body coz u see no body
Check it right now, check it check it right now
Psquare representing Psquare Yeah [×3]
Psquare representing Psquare Yeah [×3]
Ati Gbere Wade (Ay ur what like dat) Wa Jo Sori Mi
Ati Gbere Wade
Wa jijo mi Wetin dey %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Now break it down uhh, u no what am saying
I like dat [Ay ur ] I 4got something,
I promise Mama I’ll be coming back
Home & when I’ll be coming back home
I make sure I’ll be bouncing back
Kilo Shele'[dem don Kolo] Kilo Shele [Na Wetin dey] Kilo Shele [u
Wanna move my body] Kilo shele [make it slow
Down] Kilo Shele [dem don Kolo] No be so, kilo Shele
Uhh [& break it like is dull dull dull dull dull]
Instrumental till fade

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