[Lyrics] Blaqbonez – I’D BE WAITING Lyrics

Ooh, blessings
Eyes on the boy when I step in, I’m tested
All my life, I’ve been reckless
If I got this money early probably waste on VVS’s
Work like I’m independent
Never leave a track pendin’
Still actin’ like I’m broke and in the trenches, it’s part of me
So, pardon me if I don’t buy too many Hennessy
Don’t stare at me, I just got rich and I ain’t used to it
I’m stackin’ on mil’s so, I don’t lose to it
I’m checkin’ the bills against the new music
I’m checkin’ the check against the flex
I’m checkin’ out on all these new groupies
My bro CKay, told me, “You gotta get the energies high”
Don’t agree but he’s probably right
I mean, it kind of look like he blow up overnight
So, maybe I’m, fuckin’ girls that be slowin’ my shine, but it’s calm
I’m still movin’ at a good pace
‘Bout to drop money from my own plate
Fast life I’m, makin’a milli’ on a slow day
But, I ain’t in a rush, I’ma get there in my own way

Uh, I do this shit in my sleep, I son rappers
Now, I’m sonnin’ shawties every time that I speak
First, they hate me then they love me, then they hate me again
But, I don’t care, I got money they gon’ hop in my whip
Further comparison, I’m livin’ a pop star life
Man, it’s embarrassin’
I sold out M.O Park, I mean, I’m carryin’
‘Cause no other rappers could do that shit
And, that ain’t arrogance, yeah (he ain’t cappin’, my nigga)
Three Top 10s, I did it solo
I don’t owe shit to nobody, I’m in my own zone
I, step and stay with the coldest of flow
I see a rapper back stage, he knows closing the show
I know niggas that, any time they wanna drop shit
They just go on my page and look for somethin’ to copy
But, I ain’t mad, that most of them envy
Though my crib so big, steal in their head rent-free
That’s by the side, I made a hundred mil’ last year
That’s wild figure for rappers, but then it’s calm here, ah
Couple endorsement it’s a hunnid in this Just Jules, now
Too rich to be askin’ a girl to send nudes, she know that already
Any time I post a Snapchat, it’s about to be crazy
I got ’em TikTok baddies doing routines in my section
When I’m done with this verse
I’ll probably say some in the Kelly (what’s poppin’?)

Now look at us today
I go wake up in my house
Only me go dey waka stroll for the house like this
Me wey be say I-I-I-I dey find wey I go sleep for night
I dey squat, na me con get b-beautiful apartment
Then my pikin now, ‘n sef, see as e dey do
When ‘n dey come that time, ‘n dey talk about say, “Test me, we go dey there”
Are you serious?
Is this how God dey do something?
The biggest challenge we had, had growing up
E go remember that time wey you were like six, seven, eight
Wey be say na accommodation
Now, look at my life

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