[Lyrics] Banky W – Welcome To The Bank Statements Lyrics


This not an intro this is my keynote this is speech

welcome to the bank statements
I’m on my way to greatness
I’m on my way to the apex and no one can debate this
This isn’t just an album, this is advice take it
Don’t waste it, this is how you crack a matrix
You shooting for the stars and I hope you make a killing
But before you buy that Bentley make sure you buy a building
Before you shop for chains
Saying you’re cap a couple of rangers
Give yourself brain leave change for your children
I see people seek fame till it kills them
Money doesn’t change a man, it reveals a man
I ran for office cause I thought we wanted the change
But I’m still the baddest boss, so stay in your lane
Yes Lord, Mr W with the double edge sword
So listen to my voice if you need growth
Hey young bro, swallow your ego
Just might get you a job so you be strong
Just might make you a star give you a lead roll
Just might give you some bar so you go fit blow
It might lead you to God so you go fit grow
Just food for thought, you need to eat though

Wait a minute let me take a deep breath
Give your brain a little time reset
Take a sit you better try to reflect
You wanna leave a legacy, you better follow this steps o

The farther I reach, the more that I teach
The more that I eat, the more people I feed
See that’s the difference between them and me
They created trends, I created leaders
And I owe it all to Jesus, please believe this
Welcome to the bank statements
This is my pieces
It’s not about how you die but how you live
It’s not about what you can afford to buy but what you give,
Real talk (do it one more time)

Oba no dy go transfer o
Oh na na na
Kaaki no be leather
Diamonds are forever
Charlie de remember
Say Oba no de go transfer o
Oh na na na
Kaaki no be leather, diamonds are forever, Charlie de remember say
I will never go nowhere
Shout out to my fans who care
Shout out to the man upstairs
Shout out to the man upstairs
It’s the bank statements
You’re welcome

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